Did you know that July 4th, more dogs go missing than any other day each year?  And it’s no surprise to those of us in the pet care industry because between the partying with strange people coming and going out of the home and the loud firework celebrations, there is a lot of “not normals” for your dog to deal with that day.  So let’s all vow to do what we can to make it a safe and fun day for your dog too . . . Deal?

Here’s what you can do to keep your dog safe and happy on July 4th:

  • Start the day off with a nice long walk or play session for your dog.  Do something fun and something that will wear her out.  A tired pup is a happy pup!
  • If you are hosting a party, put a sign on the front door and all gates on fenced yards letting guests know there is a dog in the home and what to do.  We suggest that you instruct them only to enter and exit through one certain door and make sure your dog does not have access to that door.
  • Consider planning a day of boarding at a local doggie daycare for your dog if you are hosting an event so they will be somewhere safe.  As much planning as you do, you cannot fully control what others do.
  • Leave your dog home with a toy when you go out to enjoy a party or fireworks.  Resist the urge to take her with you today.  There will be loud noises, loud people, strange behaviors all day and these are generally not fun for your dog.
  • If you are aware that your dog is sensitive to loud noises, plan how to help her cope before it happens.  Some natural remedies include the Thundershirt, lavender oil, Rescue Remedy and DAP (also referred to as Comfort Zone).  If these haven’t worked in the past, consult your veterinarian for other possible remedies.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing properly secured (can’t be pulled off if she tries to squeeze through a tight fence or under a deck) identification tags.  The shelters and vets are used to an influx of lost pets this time of year; give them a hand in helping them reunite you by making it easy with good tags.

Have a Happy & Safe Fourth of July from your Friends at Belly Rubs!!